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Should Teachers Tutor Their Own Students as a Side-hustle?

If you are a teacher, chances are you are not paid as well as you should. This statement varies based on your country and school district, but it’s correct in general. Also, chances are you’ve already considered starting a side-hustle. But are teachers allowed to tutor their own students? This depends on various factors. Most schools do not allow teachers to teach their own students. Some schools do not even allow teachers to have a tutoring business on the side. Other schools allow teachers to tutor students at their own time, as long as the teacher uses their own material and does not use their classroom. Some teachers tutor their current students before and after school hours but cannot make money with the lessons.

It is worth finding out your school district’s policy on this and consider teaching a few hours per week before and after school hours. Once your private tutor business takes off, you may have to decide between teaching at school and your own business.

In this post, I’ll give you six reasons why tutoring students is one of the best side-hustles any school teacher can have.

#1 Free advertisement channels

Tutoring is in high demand right now. Because of that, there are multiple channels that a teacher can use to advertise their services to your current students and families at school and other students in your school district or online. They are free and have proven to yield good results:

  1. Social media. Social media has a much more versatile use today than it did ten years ago. It can be a powerful tool for promoting your business. It is a great place to establish rapport with your potential clients and gain their trust. There are many groups on Facebook and LinkedIn with thousands of potential clients looking for tutors.
  2. Marketplace platforms. Another way to increase your client reach is to set up a profile on tutor management platforms. Clients use them to search for tutors based on a topic, experience, rates, etc. One such platform is tutors.com
  3. Your website. Having a website is a great way to establish your credibility. You can build your website for free using tools like Weebly or Squarespace. While you can set up the website for free, spend money on a domain with your name. Doing so helps you increase the domain authority on your name. I will cover increasing the domain authority on your name and its advantages in a separate post. Stay tuned!

#2 Use your existing knowledge

The best part of private tutoring as a teacher is that you will be utilizing the skills you already have as a school teacher. It will drastically ease your entrance into the field. But on top of that, it’s a great opportunity to develop and improve those skills further.

#3 You have the edge over the competition

Lots of people try the tutoring industry because it’s easy to enter. But, most of them don’t have the same kind of qualifications as you.

It’s not enough to be an expert in your field. Parents expect the tutors working with their children to also be good at teaching. And your degrees and certifications can help you prove that. They will give you an enormous advantage over your competition.

By separating yourself from the crowd this way, you can charge higher prices from the get-go.

#4 Tutoring is a self-sustained income source

Tutoring will become easier over time. And not because you’ll gain more experience. Most importantly, you will build up a substantial pool of clients that will keep coming back to you. Some of those relationships might last years. It takes time to find a great tutor, so if you can prove your worth to the parents, you’ll have loyal customers for the years to come.

#5 You can work on your schedule

This point is self-explanatory but is still worth mentioning. Being a tutor (especially online) gives you the flexibility to work with your clients on your schedule outside of the normal school hours, within and outside your teaching district.

#6 You can choose who to work with

As a tutor, you will also have the flexibility to choose your clients and how much they want to get paid per hour. The demand for a qualified professional is high enough that you can be a little picky. It’s especially true if you establish strong credentials and an online presence.

It’s also worth mentioning that there are two types of clients that you can have: a direct client and an agency. A lot of agencies hire tutors as contractors and offer a fair rate per hour. Those agencies understand that tutoring might not be your primary career. And they will be more willing to work with your schedule. You can decide how many hours a week you are available for private tuition.

No covid exposure

We all want to stay safe during these uncertain times. Doing online teaching will give you and your student peace of mind while you earn some extra cash. Use the time while your school to grow your business and to gain trust with the families. Most parents are overwhelmed with homeschooling their kids, which is where you could step in and help in difficult times.

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